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🐸 Thunderstorms and Slithering Surprises!

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Good day, my compost comrades and produce pioneers!

Tomás the Toad here, reporting for duty with the third edition of the Toadstool Times.

Get ready for a jam-packed issue as we dive into the aftermath of last week's thunderstorm, unveil the latest arrivals in the peat pods, and even uncover an imposter in our seedling tray.

Plus, stick around for some pun-derful jokes and a chance to explore some fun, garden- and green-themed entertainment for the weekend.

Let's hop to it! 🐸

Issue #3: Thunderstorms and Slithering Surprises!

First things first, a big shoutout to our new subscribers!

You're like the cherry on top of our compost pile—a delightful addition to our growing community.

And to our loyal subscribers, welcome back, my fine-feathered friends!

It's wonderful to have you all here. 🤗

Now, let's dig in.

Last week, the heavens opened up and unleashed a fury of rain and thunder upon Columbus, Ohio.⛈️

The storm caused considerable flooding and knocked out power, plunging us all into a pool of darkness.

As a toad, I'm accustomed to the shadows—so I was well-prepared to wait things out with my cache of tasty snacks, cozy candles, and enchanting fairy lights in my snug underground hideaway. 🕯️✨

However, I know not everyone is as fastidious as we amphibians tend to be when it comes to contingency-planning.

And so, my fellow garden comrades, may this serve as a gentle nudge to always have a plan B, for the whims of Mother Nature can be as unpredictable as the winds that guide her! 🐸🍃

⚠️ Did you know: FEMA recommends having a gallon of water per person per day on hand in case of emergencies!

Good news though: those pre-April showers outside haven’t dampened our seedlings’ spirits inside!

They’re growing taller and stronger by the minute—like a field of Olympic Athletes aiming for the gold!

Soon they'll be ready to move into their new cups, where they'll stay cozied up until after the first frost. 🌱

After that, to the garden they'll go!

Meanwhile, we did some routine thinning last week—snipping the two weakest of the three seeds to allow the strongest to flourish.

The event went off without a hitch—mostly.

However, after some close investigating, we discovered that our strong "butternut squash" turned out to be an infiltrator from a Chinese Box seed hiding in the peat! 😱

It's like a game of Clue in the germination station—who done it and how'd they sneak in? 🕵️

Don't you worry! We removed the imposter—but it just goes to show that gardening life is full of surprises.

Sssspeaking of sssurprises!

Early in the week, we discovered that Sally the Snake and her baby had slithered their way into our exterior wall by way of a hole near the basement window. 😳

While we love all creatures great and small, we're not too keen on sharing our living space with this legless duo.

But fear not, dear readers, for garter snakes are harmless to humans, and the two-legged farm folks have learned to coexist peacefully with our serpent friends. (As a toad, however, I remain ever cautious!)

Once warmer weather prevails, we'll bid Sally and her baby farewell when they decide to move on—and then we’ll seal the hole for good!

On a brighter note, after nearly three weeks spent germinating, the peppers have arrived! 🌶️

They're like little superheroes, emerging from the ground to one day save us from a life of blandness and boredom. We're already dreaming up recipes for spicy salsas and stuffed peppers that will make our taste buds dance with joy.

If you have any favorites, please send them our way! Personally, I love a good salsa verde.

And now... the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my famous puns. 🍅

  • Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn't peeling well!
  • Why did the gardener plant a light bulb? Because he wanted to grow a power plant!
  • And why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!

And lastly, we can't keep all this garden goodness to ourselves!

Do you know someone who's been bitten by the gardening bug—or simply enjoys an uplifting read?

Share the Toadstool Times with your fellow veggie enthusiasts and spread the joy of gardening at home far and wide!

Together, we can cultivate a community full of green thumbs and even greener hearts. 💚

And with that, dear readers, I bid you adieu!

As always, thank you for tuning in to the Toadstool Times. We'll see you next week for more puns, shenanigans, and garden gossip.

Until next thyme,

PS: Please pardon the image quality of the vertical shots. I'd hoped to find time to make a video, but as a freelancing frog, I had my hands busy this week. Low-res screenshots will have to do.

PPS: Want a little green-themed weekend entertainment? I've dug up a few fun ways to get grounded that I hope you'll enjoy!


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