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🕊️ A Special Report from the Toadstool Times

Letter from the Editor Dear friends: We want to apologize for missing our last two newsletters—it's with a heavy heart that we must report the news of our dear friend Cody's passing. 😔 Tomás was so overwhelmed with sorrow after saying goodbye to his dear friend that we were unable to publish the last two issues as planned. Cody was a beloved member of our farm family, and we’re all still processing his passing in our own time. We appreciate your grace during this time of transition. 🤍 To that...

about 1 year ago • 9 min read

The Toadstool Times: Issue 4 Hello, dear friends. This week's newsletter is a little different than usual. We're taking a moment to reflect on the beauty and fragility of life, as we navigate the challenges that come with it. We'll return next week with more uplifting tales of growth and connection with nature. But for now, let's slow down, take a deep breath, and find solace in the rhythms of the natural world. Caring for Companions & The Power of Nature As I sit here writing from beneath...

about 1 year ago • 3 min read

Good day, my compost comrades and produce pioneers! Tomás the Toad here, reporting for duty with the third edition of the Toadstool Times. Get ready for a jam-packed issue as we dive into the aftermath of last week's thunderstorm, unveil the latest arrivals in the peat pods, and even uncover an imposter in our seedling tray. Plus, stick around for some pun-derful jokes and a chance to explore some fun, garden- and green-themed entertainment for the weekend. Let's hop to it! 🐸 Issue #3:...

about 1 year ago • 4 min read

Ladies and gentle-frogs, toads, and all the creatures in between, it's your favorite news amphibian, Tomás the Toad, back with the second issue of The Toadstool Times! 🚩 Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for an extra special treat: a video release! Can you believe it? Issue #2 already! It feels like only yesterday we were germinating our first seeds, and now look at us—growing tall and strong like a beanstalk reaching for the sky. But enough about us, let's get down to business. First and...

about 1 year ago • 3 min read
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